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Narrated as Michelle H. Lee

Sweet Memory, The Painted Daises Book 1  by LJ Evans, co-narrated with Neill Thorne (Coming Soon)

Concerning My Daughter by Kim Hye-jin 

Can't I Go Instead by Lee Geum-Yi, translated by Ahn Seonjae

The Red Palace by June Hur

Snape: The Definitive Analysis of Hogwarts' Mysterious Potions Master by Lorrie Kim

Sparks and Shadow (Rising Elements, Book 1) by Ceara Nobles

Oath of Flames (Rising Elements, Book 2) by Ceara Nobles

Phantom Circuit by Austin Farmer

Mark of the Empress (Empire Saga, Book 2) by M. Dalto

Snow Roses by Taryn Tyler

Night Briars by Taryn Tyler

Horrifying True Crime Stories: Disturbing True Tales of Murder, Mayhem and the Macabre by Danielle Tyning

Horrifying True Crime Stories 2 by Danielle Tyning

Cutthroat Cheerleader by Zachary Levi


Narrated as Emery Erickson

Memories of a Life by Jewel E. Ann (Dual narration with Alastair Haynesbridge)

Pieces of a Life by Jewel E. Ann (Dual narration with Alastair Haynesbridge)

Through the Ashes by Julia Wolf  (Dual narration with Gideon Frost)

He Has it All by Stephanie Queen (Dual narration with Jay Alder)

Salvaging Love by Sarah Ohlin
You Are My Reason (Compatible Companions Trilogy) by Kitty Berry

My Forever Maybe (Compatible Companions Trilogy) by Kitty Berry

Hearts Unmasked: A Superhero Romance by Janine O'Neil

Spider by Michael Dalton

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